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Texas man caught having sex on Las Vegas Ferris wheel killed in Houston carjacking
New York Daily News
A Texas man who achieved notoriety for allegedly having sex on a Ferris wheel in Las Vegas was slain in front of his fiancée during a Saturday morning carjacking. One of the alleged carjackers told Philip Panzica to “come clean” before gunning down the …
Man who allegedly had sex on Las Vegas Ferris wheel killed in Houston carjackingKABC-TV

Man Caught Having Sex On High Roller In February Shot Dead In CarjackingCBS Local
Man Busted for Ferris Wheel Sex Shot DeadNewser
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Opening statements will begin Monday at the Pinellas County Judicial Building in St. Petersburg, Florida in Hogan's $100 million civil trial against the gossip site that published a portion of his sex tape. Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, will
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